Here are some links to other cartoon sites, people and organizations that I like--

Website of Roberta Avidor, a great artist and map-maker.
Cartoonist and illustrator Matt Wuerker's cartoons on the website
Cartoons, drawings and commentary by former Pioneer Press graphic artist, cartoonist and Crop Art master David Steinlicht.
Website of editorial cartoonist, illustrator and animator Kirk Anderson.

Nostalgia Zone Comic Store
Website of my neighbor's comic book shop in Minneapolis, Nostalgia Zone.


If you live in Saint Paul, please join our bicycle advocacy group! We meet once a month and attempt to advocate for bicycle facilities, safety and education by writing letters, attending public hearings, bike counts and other actions.
StreetsMN is a great news and blog site for information on progressive transportation policy in the Twin Cities and Minnesota.
"Safer Summit" is a central information website promoting the idea of putting off-street, protected bike paths on Summit Avenue. Check them out and get yourself a "Safer Summit" lawn sign!
T4America is a pro-transit lobby group in Washington DC pushing for a more progressive 6-year federal transportation bill.
Transportation Alternatives, NYCity's main bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group.

This website tallies civilian casualties based on confirmed news reports, each of which it cites. It also has links to sites that tally military casualties (US, British, Iraqi and others) and examine the cost of the war.

Website of artist Barbara Fisher who does beautiful, abstract, yet narrative paintings, incorporating collage and textural use of paint.
Examples of my friend Andrew Lenaghan's amazing cityscapes, portraits and landscapes, available for purchase through the George Adams Gallery in New York City.
Website of photographer Stephen Sheffield who does both fine art and commercial work for the Judi Rotenburg gallery and a variety of print publications and commercial clients.
Website of Painter and multimedia artist Stan Taft, who was my painting professor at Cornell.
See the work of one of my favorite artists, Eric Drooker. He's a drawer of comics, scratchboard god and beautiful painter whose work is frequently seen on the cover of the New Yorker magazine.

Drawings by George Matchen
Check out drawings by San Francisco Bay Area artist George Matchen.

Homepage of cooking goddess, Mollie Katzen, author of the original "Moosewood" cookbook, and many other cookbooks for vegetarians. She's a great artist too!

Homepage of Dan Weinberg, computer guru, programmer, and burrito connoisseur.

The most beautiful and psychedelic tie dyes in the world by Rich Carbin. He's got socks,shirts, pants, hats, anything that can be dyed! some beautiful Japanese fabrics
Website of "All American Clothing" (formerly "Union Jean Company"). They sell high quality jeans, shirts, jackets and other clothing, made right here in the USA, using decently paid union labor and "First World" environmental standards. Don't buy your clothes from some sweatshop! Buy them from these guys! Great prices, prompt delivery!

Some of the PUBLICATIONS who run my cartoons:
Companion publication of Casseur de Pub (The french version of Ad Busters), La Decroissance deals with some of the same ecological and consumer issues ...but with a lighter touch.
A monthly magazine of cartoons and columns by some of America's leading cartoonists and humor writers.
Also called "Cycling West", this is Utah's excellent monthly cycling magazine edited by Dave Iltis

My moneyball sports addiction.